Mitashi 1.0 Ton 3 Star Split AC - MiSAC103v01

Mitashi 1.0 Ton 3 Star Split AC - MiSAC103v01

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• Sleep Mode: Allows you to enjoy a good night sleep for up to 8 hours while saving electricity by setting a timer in the sleep mode after which the AC turns off automatically.  
• 4 Way Swing: The 4-way swing feature enables air circulation in multiple directions, thereby ensuring maximum comfort and low energy consumption.
• Dehumidification Process: The Dehumidifying nature of the AC enables it to effectively remove the moisture from the room, thereby allowing to breathe fresh and clean air.
• Energy Saver: Mitashi AC allows you to save electricity. While keeping you in comfort zone.
• Turbo Cooling Mode: Switching to Turbo Mode, will enable faster cooling of the room.
• Two Way Drainage: This unique feature allows the AC to easily set itself, as per the area.
• Air Purification System: Mitashi Air Conditioner is equipped with an air purification system, which combats air with its anti-bacterial functionality, thus offering clean air and a pleasant environment.
• 100% Copper Pipes: Unlike regular pipes, Mitashi AC’s uses 100% Copper pipes which help increase the surface area and improve thermal conductivity.
• R410A Eco Friendly Refrigerant: Mitashi uses the latest R410A Eco Friendly Refrigerant, which consumes less energy and increases power cooling. Unlike the older refrigerants, this refrigerant does not contribute in the depletion of the ozone layer and reduces the risk of wear and tear on the compressor.


• AC Cooling Capacity- 1 Ton
• Star Rating- 3 Star
• Nominal Cooling Capacity - 12000 BTU/Hr
• Compressor Cooling Capacity- 3860/3880 ±5% Btu/Hr
• Power Supply - 1Ph - 220-240/50Hz Ph-V-Hz
• Power Consumption - 1090 Watts
• Compressor Power Consumption - 1120 Watts
• Rated Current - 4.7 Amps
• EER - 3.17 Watts/Watts
• Air Circulation Indoor (Flow) - 294 CFM
• Indoor Unit Dimension (H*W*D) - 190*800*280 mm
• Outdoor Unit Dimension (H*W*D) - 540*812*256 mm
• Indoor Unit Weight (Net/Gross) - 10/12 Kg
• Outdoor Unit Weight (Net/Gross) - '34/38 Kg
• Moisture Removal - 1.3 lts/hr
• Indoor Noise Level - 30~41 dB(A)
• Outdoor Noise Level - 54 dB(A)
• Refrigerant (R410) Quantity - R410A/870 gms
• Compressor Type – Rotary
• Compressor Oil Quantity - ESTER OIL VG74 •350 ml
• Compressor Model - ASM135V1VFT
• Indoor Fan Motor Model - YDK-16-4 3
• Stepper Motor Model - MP24J-B
• Compressor Capacitor - 35 μF
• Outdoor Fan Motor Capacitor - 2 μF
• Interconnecting Piping (Liquid) - 1/4 / 6.0 Inch/mm
• Interconnecting Piping (Gas) - 3/8 / 9.52 Inch/mm
• Max. Pipe Length given - 4 Meters
• Max. Difference in Level - 5 Meters


• Arrow: Allows you to set the temperature as per your own comfort.
• Mode: Gives the option to choose among different modes like Cool, Dry, Fan and Auto.
• Fan Speed: Allows you to control the Fan Speed according to your comfort.
• Turbo: Using the Turbo button will enable faster cooling or heating of the room.
• Hold: Protect change in settings by locking the keys on this remote.
• ON/OFF: Allows turning ON and turning OFF the AC.
• Swing: Enables adjusting the AC flaps as per your need.
• Air Flow: Keep your flaps in a constant position to enable direct Air Flow.
• Sleep: The sleep mode button controls and maintains the temperature of the AC automatically.
• Lamp: Lights up the remote screen so that things get visible.
• Timer: Gives you the option to set a time duration of the AC,  after which the AC will turn OFF automatically.


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